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Cold Baklava

Cold baklava, the most talked-about dessert of recent years, is especially sought after in hot weather. Offering a different experience for baklava lovers, cold baklava reaches your home as delicious and healthy with Emiroğlu’s assurance. Dessert lovers wonder about the feature of cold baklava and how it is famous.

Cold baklava, which is inspired by the desserts prepared with yufka and containing milk, such as milky nuriye and gullaç, which we are familiar with in Turkish dessert culture, first appeared in Diyarbakır and its reputation spread all over the country. Emiroğlu, which is the address of those who seek quality, taste and health in baklava, also pleases its customers with its cold baklava production.

With 100 percent butter and natural beet sugar, cold baklava contains absolutely no glucose or corn syrup. You will not be able to get enough of the cold baklava with the feeling of coolness offered by the combination of the natural taste of milk and the crispy baklava dough and the flavor storm in the mouth.

The pistachios in it also add flavor to the flavor of the baklava. The cocoa on it adds flavor to the baklava, both in appearance and taste. It can be said that cold baklava is relatively lighter than pistachio baklava, since milk and chocolate are used in it. Cold baklava will be a good choice for those looking for a light, refreshing and delicious dessert.

Milk sherbet, carefully prepared by Emiroğlu Baklava, does not cause heartburn and other complaints as it is obtained from natural beetroot. Cold baklava with pistachio, which is produced daily, is delivered to customers on the same day so that it does not lose its freshness. Emiroğlu, prioritizing quality in production, prevents the loss of flavor by delivering its products to its customers in high quality during consumption. For those looking for lightness in the cold baklava syrup dessert, it is a complete wonder of taste.

Cold baklava orders placed from Emiroğlu Baklava online store or social media accounts until 13.00 are delivered to your door on the same day. Orders placed after 13.00 are prepared daily to be delivered to customers the next day and delivered to the address.

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How Many 1 Kg of Cold Baklava?

1 kg of cold baklava may vary depending on the density and size of the baklava under normal conditions. Usually, according to the characteristics of baklava, the average weight of an average-sized slice can vary between 40-50 grams on Dec. However, this may vary depending on the way the baklava is made, the ingredients it contains and the way it is sliced.

For one kg of baklava, an average of 20 to 25 slices of baklava can usually be found on average. This amount may vary depending on factors such as the thickness of the baklava, the number of layers and the way of cutting. Some baklava can be served in thin slices, while others can be served in thicker slices.

The density of peanuts, walnuts or other ingredients contained in baklava can also affect the weight of baklavas. Therefore, it can be difficult to specify exactly how many slices of baklava are per 1 kilogram, because this depends on many variables.

A kilogram of cold baklava can usually have between 20 and 25 slices on average, but to give an exact number, the characteristics of baklava and the way of Decicing should be taken into account.

What are the Ingredients of Cold Baklava?

Cold baklava is a type of baklava that is served cold, which is a traditional dessert. Usually, the basic ingredients include yufka or baklava dough, walnut or peanut Decoction, sugar sorbet and butter.

Yufka or baklava dough is prepared by spreading it in thin layers and spreading butter between them. Decoction. Usually, ground walnuts or peanuts are placed between these layers to form the Decoction of baklava. Then, the baklava is cut and baked.

The hot baklava that comes out of the oven is usually cooled and then sweetened with sugar sorbet. Sorbet is a mixture usually obtained by boiling water, sugar and lemon juice. This sorbet is poured into cold baklava and sweetness and moisture are added to the dessert.

In some recipes, different ingredients can also be used; for example, the aroma can be enriched by adding rose water or orange juice to the sorbet. In some regions, different presentations can be made by serving with cream or ice cream.

Cold baklava stands out as a dessert that wins the appreciation of dessert lovers with its traditional taste and different presentations. This delicious dessert is usually a preferred snack on special occasions, celebrations or guest welcomes.

How Many Slices of 750 G Cold Baklava?

Usually 750 grams of cold baklava can be between 12 and 15 slices, on average. Dec. However, some baklavas are sliced thinly, while some can be served in thicker slices. In addition, the amount of walnuts or peanuts contained in baklava may affect the size of the slices.

Baklavas are usually cut on a wide tray, which can affect the number of slices. The shape of the cut, the size and structure of the baklava also play a role in determining the number of slices. Therefore, it can be difficult to specify the exact number of slices of 750 grams of cold baklava, because this depends on many variables.

we can say that 750 grams of cold baklava can usually be between 12 and 15 slices on average. Dec. However, in order to give an exact number, the characteristics of baklava and the way of slicing should be taken into account.

How Much is a Kilo of Cold Baklava?

Baklava can be sold in various sizes and ingredients as a traditional dessert. The weight price of cold baklava may vary depending on many variables. Sunday Decrees that the quality of the materials used in the production, the labor spent on the production of baklava, the location of the production site and market conditions are among the factors affecting the prices.

However, this price December may vary depending on the quality of the materials from which the product is made, the amount of peanuts or walnuts contained in the baklava, the labor in the production process and the location where it is sold. In addition, special flavors or local bak December may also be outside this price range.

It may be the right approach to find out the current prices by getting direct information from local sweet shops or producers. In any case, baklava kilo prices usually vary according to their quality and content, and this delicious dessert is usually considered a preferred treat on special occasions or celebrations.

How Much are the Calories in Cold Baklava with Peanuts?

Cold baklava with pistachios is a remarkable dessert in terms of nutritional values as well as delicious. However, the calorie content may vary depending on the amount of ingredients used in the production of baklava, the preparation of the sorbet and the slice size. Usually, cold baklava with peanuts has a calorie content ranging from 100 to 150 calories on Dec.

The elements such as peanuts, butter, sugar and yufka in the content of baklava determine the calorie value at the same time as creating the unique flavor of baklava. Baklava with pistachios is generally known as an energy-dense dessert. A slice of cold bak Decoction with peanuts can range from 100 to 150 calories, usually approximately on average. These values may vary depending on the size of the slice, the amount of peanuts it contains, and the density of the sorbet used.

Therefore, the exact amount of calories is not clearly indicated for a certain size of baklava. But it is known to have a higher calorie content, usually between desserts. Decanter. When consuming sweets, it is important to exercise portion control and include them in a balanced nutrition program. Thanks to this, it may be possible to maintain a healthy eating pattern while enjoying the flavor.

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