Pistachio Cold Baklava

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Cold Baklava

Cold baklava, the most talked-about dessert of recent years, is especially sought after in hot weather. Offering a different experience for baklava lovers, cold baklava reaches your home as delicious and healthy with Emiroğlu’s assurance. Dessert lovers wonder about the feature of cold baklava and how it is famous.

Cold baklava, which is inspired by the desserts prepared with yufka and containing milk, such as milky nuriye and gullaç, which we are familiar with in Turkish dessert culture, first appeared in Diyarbakır and its reputation spread all over the country. Emiroğlu, which is the address of those who seek quality, taste and health in baklava, also pleases its customers with its cold baklava production.

With 100 percent butter and natural beet sugar, cold baklava contains absolutely no glucose or corn syrup. You will not be able to get enough of the cold baklava with the feeling of coolness offered by the combination of the natural taste of milk and the crispy baklava dough and the flavor storm in the mouth.

The pistachios in it also add flavor to the flavor of the baklava. The cocoa on it adds flavor to the baklava, both in appearance and taste. It can be said that cold baklava is relatively lighter than pistachio baklava, since milk and chocolate are used in it. Cold baklava will be a good choice for those looking for a light, refreshing and delicious dessert.

Milk sherbet, carefully prepared by Emiroğlu Baklava, does not cause heartburn and other complaints as it is obtained from natural beetroot. Cold baklava with pistachio, which is produced daily, is delivered to customers on the same day so that it does not lose its freshness. Emiroğlu, prioritizing quality in production, prevents the loss of flavor by delivering its products to its customers in high quality during consumption. For those looking for lightness in the cold baklava syrup dessert, it is a complete wonder of taste.

Cold baklava orders placed from Emiroğlu Baklava online store or social media accounts until 13.00 are delivered to your door on the same day. Orders placed after 13.00 are prepared daily to be delivered to customers the next day and delivered to the address.

Please note Emiroğlu Baklava order phone: 0216 411 61 57.

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