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The Sevim family, who immigrated from Kastamonu to Istanbul in 1964, starts off with opening a candy store in Çapa. Emiroğlu Baklavas Partner Abdullah Sevim’s family, after 6 years of service in confectionery, returns to pastry business in the 1970s. Explaining that they also sell baklava in their patisserie, Sevim said, “At that time, we used to buy baklavas ready-made. For 2 years, we made pies and handed them over at Çapa. 1972’de Kocamustafapaşa’da yeni bir pastane devraldıp, 3 yıl işlettik. But we had to hand it over for various reasons. Later, we took a place in Kurtuluş and handed it over in 1980.

We thought that we would not be doing pastry business after this period, and we decided to run a restaurant in Çağlayan. After our short restaurant experience, we returned to pastry business in Erenköy and Kurtuluş, but we did not continue.

“We took a break from working for 2 years and opened the first Emiroğlu Baklava in Sahrayıcedid in 1986” “The secret of baklava is naturalness”

Explaining that they are currently producing in a 750 square meter workshop, Abdullah Sevim states that they are trying to make the best baklava, pastry and ice cream in Turkey in their production area. Emiroğlu Baklavaları, which provides service with a total of 6 branches, does not give franchising due to the high cost.

Saying that the secret of baklava is the goodness of flour, sugar, peanuts and oil, Sevim states that they use pistachios from the Antep Barak region. The most important element that adds flavor to baklava is butter. Stating that they procure the oil from Şanlıurfa before, Sevim says that they prefer industrially produced butter because it is hygienic and reliable.

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